HCCO Business Intelligence consulting services include a 10 year Data model.

Data IntegrationEnterprise Information Management (EIM)
Because Business Intelligence isn’t simply a product that is installed, we can assist you in developing an ongoing process for organizing, structuring and managing information assets, independent of any technology platform.

Developing a consistent, single version of the truth across all sources of information is one fundamental to the success of any Business Intelligence initiative, yet one of the most challenging. We can help you integrate the data stored in various systems throughout your organization to achieve that single version of the truth once and for all.

Analytics, Dashboards and KPIs
The crown jewel of Business Intelligence is a dashboard that enables executives to drive fast, informed decisions with at-a-glance access to real-time key performance indicators (KPI) and analytics. With our experience in these tools, we can create an executive dashboard to serve you precise, up-to-date information customized to your unique needs.
Oracle application 11.5.10 and Salesforce integration of data replicating daily (Manufacturing, Financial with Salesforce CRM data all housed in a 1 data ware house for easy access for an Ad-HOC reporting tool ( Discover, TM1, OBIEE ).