Business Operations Analysis and Strategy

HCCO provides a full range of systems and technology assessment services to businesses, higher education, and government entities, both large and small. Our clients choose us knowing they will receive HCCO’s extensive experience applying technology solutions to your unique environment.

The Outsourced Secure Engagement (OSE) process walks our clients through a detailed process to map your operation needs to business strategies:

  • Business Operations Analysis (BOA) – Accelerate project timelines and reduce costs through a roll-up your sleeves, white board session, which examines available technology solutions designed to meet your strategic business plan.
  • Business Operations Review (BOR) – High-level overview of Information Technology (IT) operations designed to identify and document your network configuration and technical infrastructure and recommend applicable remediation as necessary.
  • Business Operations Assessment (BOA) – Evaluate the reliability and performance of your network components and infrastructure. Benchmark and document existing information systems before new technologies are implemented.
  • Business Operations Design (BOD) – A blueprint for deployment of strategic technology or migration to new platforms.
  • Business Continuity Planning – Prepare for no disruption to your business in the event of an unplanned, long-term outage. Disaster recovery plans are recommended and reviewed.

HCCO brings you the technology and business analysis skills to review your existing systems and technology network infrastructure to architect a successful plan to take your business to the next level.  Contact us for more information.


Project Management

HCCO provides the project management methodology and support to assure that all of your organization’s IT projects are completed without overruns to cost, resource commitment, or schedule. We include Project Management services on all of our implementations to keep our clients’ awareness high, and to ensure that your organization’s projects stay on time and within budget.

Our experienced professionals can help your business reduce the risk of project failure, effectively prioritize program initiatives, optimize internal resources, deliver on stakeholder expectations, and improve return on investment.

Our Program and Project Management approach includes:

  • Project Management that focuses on execution, including work done and deliverables produced.
  • Change Management addresses the challenges of collaboration with the resulting issues, risks, and changes.
  • Knowledge Transfer assures that your organization is equipped to carry-out all activities once a project engagement is completed.
  • Quality Management that supports good program management standards and implements a program for on-going improvement.

Our combined Program and Project Management solutions provide:

  • Ability to keep projects on track and within scope
  • Better management of project investment spending
  • Focus on results and delivering benefits
  • Good match of resource skills to project needs

Our Project Managers have the education and tools to guide you to success, including the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) certifications, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, as well as some of our own internally developed Project Management tools.

Our Project Managers are also available to work with your organization on IT Projects outside the scope of services or projects being driven by HCCO’s. This allows you to stay focused on your already stressful, normal day-to-day activities while we help you manage the project and project related resources. Please contact us for your Project Management needs.


Security Assessment

Information is the key essential asset in today’s information and knowledge-based economy.

To protect that asset, your organization must evaluate the vulnerability of its information and respond to security needs. Security and compliance to evolving regulations must be addressed or the results can be disastrous. When taking into account the crucial nature of corporate information assets, it makes good sense to protect your knowledge investment with leading-edge security solutions.

We can help you protect invaluable corporate and proprietary information by looking at your security services needs from a systems integration perspective. In response to the demand for security and privacy services, HCCO has developed Security Assessments as part of an overall business technology review process. Our trained and knowledgeable IT security consultants have created an approach that addresses all HCCO sects of protecting an organization’s significant information assets. Our process looks at technology, systems integration and your business holistically in order to develop and implement a protection strategy for your organization’s valued information assets.

Our solution includes:

  • Technical analysis of and reporting on your security system
  • Privacy Program Design
  • Perimeter and Host Security
  • Integrated Access Control including: Centralized Account Management/Role-Based Access Control/Single Sign-On/Automated Account Provisioning
  • Intrusion Detection System Design and Monitoring
  • Incident Response System Design

If you would like to learn how to reduce the vulnerability of your organization’s information assets, please contact us.


Specialized Consulting Services

HCCO provides a full range of specialized consulting services to businesses, higher education, government, and healthcare entities, both large and small. Our clients choose us knowing they will receive the best people, the best tools, and the assurance that we will assist in assuring compliance to special regulations and unique industry requirements.


The Security and Electronic Signature Standards of the HIPAA legislation include core recommendations regarding the security of an individual’s health information. Note that these HIPAA requirements apply to all organizations handling patient-identifiable health care information, regardless of their size. The major procedure requirements, which have been implemented to guard data integrity, confidentiality, and availability, as well as to guard data against unauthorized access to data transmitted over a communications network can be grouped as follows:

  • Administrative Procedures
  • Physical Safeguards
  • Technical Security Services and Mechanisms

The specific organizational practices related to security include:

  • Security and confidentiality policies
  • Appointment of information security officer(s)
  • Education and training programs
  • Sanctions for security breaches

ASP has developed a portfolio of security solutions and expertise upon which healthcare organizations can develop the foundation for a secure network.

U.S. Export Controls

Just as it is essential for business entities to have programs and systems in place to ensure that they meet all their employment, immigration and tax obligations, compliance with United States export laws requires that companies have a thorough understanding of export requirements so that no transaction is conducted contrary to these controls. In recent years, the U.S. government has increasingly focused on compliance issues relating to exports, and corporations are now charged with creating, implementing and maintaining a diligent export compliance program. Reflecting this concern, legislation continues to expand and reinforce compliance demands upon corporations, and penalties for violations have become more severe. These regulations designate clear requirements for control of information and technology. HCCO’s expertise in this arena assures your organizations’ compliance.

Contact us for additional information on these and other specialized consulting services.


System Architecture Design

HCCO’s Systems Architecture and Design service clarifies strategic IT implications, and addresses the IT and software framework to effectively support the current and future needs of your organization.

Know where you want to go, but not sure how to get there? Many IT managers today feel the pressure of technology architecture requirements and increasing customer demands. They have a vision for a new technology infrastructure that will fully support business goals and allow leverage of the latest strategies and tools. Typically, legacy systems, outdated IT architectures, inefficient distribution channels, and budget inhibit IT Managers.

HCCO’s Systems Architecture Design Service provides you the information you need to move forward. During this assessment, we examine your technology “stack” – from data center to applications – to determine your existing framework’s ability to support your desired service level requirements. The end result is an outline of your current architecture, a gap analysis between actual and desired capabilities, and a detailed set of recommendations to help you close that gap.

Let us help analyze the state of your current infrastructure compared to your desired architectural design. During this process, our Professional Services consultants will examine your internal technology skills, organizational structure, and processes for using and managing your infrastructure. We work with you to identify the IT services you want to offer and document your service level requirements. Activities and deliverables include:

  • Identify business services to be offered
  • Articulate service level requirements
  • Examine your policies and procedures for data center operations, administration and management
  • Review your existing architecture and supporting infrastructure
  • Examine your proposed architecture
  • Refine the architectural approach that will best meet your needs, addressing service level requirements across system layers and tiers
  • Enumerate gaps
  • Review best practices
  • Provide recommendations

At the end of the process, you will receive an assessment report that includes:

  • A comparison of your current infrastructure to your desired architectural design
  • A summary of your service level requirements for systemic qualities such as reliability, availability, scalability, and security
  • A scorecard that measures your existing environment against best practices
  • Actionable recommendations for next steps to build out new functionality

Our customer and technology centric approach creates superior IT value for our clients. Please contact us for more information.